Foreign Schools in Greece

Registration at a Greek Foreign School

A Greek child can only be registered at a Foreign Private Primary or Secondary School with a foreign curriculum if:

1. The child has foreign or dual nationality, or his/her mother/father is a foreign national.
2. The student has other relative (second grade) who attends at the same school.
3. The student has other relative (first grade) who teaches in same school
4.One of the child's parents is employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a member of the diplomatic or administrative staff.
5. The child has already studied one of the last 6 years in foreign schools in Greece or abroad.
6. It’s Proven that the student will be moved abroad in the next 3 years and will be forced to study in a foreign school abroad.
7. In any other case that is determined by the Greek Ministry of Education.


Documentation required to register a Greek Child

The documentation required to register a Greek child in a private foreign Primary or Junior High School
with a foreign curriculum are:

1. An application from the child's parent or guardian.
2. Confirmation from the school that they are willing to accept the child.
3. A certificate or letter of confirmation from the embassy or a countersigned photocopy of a relevant passport demonstrating that the child or the child's mother is a foreign national.
4. Should the child be seeking entry into the First Year of Primary School, their birth certificate or a Registry Office certificate will also be required.
5. The student's academic record.
6. The student can register in any class of Greek Primary School, proof must be provided that the child has attended all the previous school years in a Foreign School either abroad or in Greece.

The interested parent or guardian should submit the required documentation to the school, which will then forward it the Foreign and Minority Schools Department at the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs via the relevant Primary or Secondary Education Office or the competent Regional Education Office.

Any academic records submitted must be translated into Greek and stamped by an official translator.


List of Foreign Schools in Greece

Foreign Schools with a Greek Curriculum

Foreign Schools with a non-Greek Curriculum

Foreign Schools with both non-Greek and Greek Curricula


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