Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
Do school libraries belong administratively to the Special Secretariat?

-No. School Libraries are part of the schools they belong to. Therefore, their corresponding educational administrative divisions are the ones responsible for them. The ?Rules and Regulations? of school libraries describe their structure and the frame of cooperation to Public Libraries.

Question 2:
Do Academic Libraries have any administrative relation to the Special Secretariat of Libraries or the Department of Libraries of the Ministry of Education?

No. Academic Libraries are an integral part of the University they belong to.

Question 3:
How do I promote a book or any material to Public Libraries?

Public Libraries in Greece buy their material independently following the Collection Development Policy issued by the Ministry of Education. If you want to promote your book, cassette, CD - Rom, etc you have to inform each one of them independently, assuming that you are not promoting material of hate literature, religious propaganda, pornography etc.


Οι Υπηρεσίες του Υπουργείου δέχονται το κοινό καθημερινά από 12:00 έως 14:00 (εκτός περιόδου εξετάσεων).

Είσοδος Δικηγόρων καθημερινά 11:00 (εκτός περιόδου εξετάσεων).


Διεύθυνση: Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 37, Μαρούσι, Τ.Κ. 151 80

ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΙΚΑ : Τηλεφωνικό Κέντρο τηλ.: 210 344 2000 (Στη θέση των τεσσάρων τελευταίων ψηφίων μπορούν να τοποθετηθούν τα τέσσερα τελευταία ψηφία του εσωτερικού τηλεφώνου του γραφείου που σας ενδιαφέρει, ώστε να επικοινωνήσετε απ' ευθείας.)                                        Γραφείο Ενημέρωσης Πολιτών: τηλ.: 1550, 210-3442793,  210-3442806, 210-3442649, 210-3442505, 210-3442508

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